Virtual Private Coaching, and telephone support, are a great way to get distance learning from anywhere in the world. David will help you with any photography (or technology) related questions via phone or by sharing computer screens over the internet. Learn something new or get help quickly no matter where you live! 


“David’s Oaxaca Experience was everything a photo trip wants to be. Great shooting in markets, at festivals. People. Food. Right place, amazing time.”

Paul Rosenblum 

San Mateo, CA

“David Coleman leads fantastic workshops.  Daily classroom work and hands on shoots make a perfect pairing for learning.  He is an intelligent, funny, creative and kind teacher.  He knows his stuff and loves to share with his students. Gracias mil veces!”

Betsy Collins

Jackson, WY

"David is an outstanding, caring instructor, artist and storyteller. He is encouraging, understands your level and works diligently with you to raise  the bar of your work. His day and longer trips are expertly planned and based on his extensive experience in the region, filled with excellent food, thoughtful and smart classroom presentations and critiques, practically flawless logistics, and excellent shooting opportunities."

Bryan Scanlon

Walnut Creek, CA


David Coleman, born and raised in Mexico City, is a master photographer and visual storyteller. He is a provider of Virtual Private Coaching and Mentoring sessions instructing photographers at all levels, in multiple styles. Fluent in English and Spanish!


Also a provider of amazing photography workshops to Mexico including Oaxaca (Day of the Dead), San Miguel de Allende, Palenque, and Mexico City. Everything has been arranged by David for your convenience and safety. David gives daily coaching in the field, daily classroom instruction on visual storytelling, and image review sessions where you will learn advanced visual storytelling techniques to tell a better story with your images. No matter what level of photographer you may be, you will come back as a better photographer.




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